Airbrush Font | How To Use Central Pneumatic Airbrush Kit?

Goofy complete average compressor set and the set by Zhang Tao which seems super alleged um airbrush nail designs, this one has to a brush and a holder and a cooling fan on the compressor, super nice 84 Euros, um but I’ve read through the text and there’s like UK block only which is not good, because I live in Germany and I don’t have a UK plug, so this one is already dead and then I will simply decide for which one has more reviews and is bought more because this one is 1899, and this one is eighty one ninety nine it’s one Euro yeah it’s pretty close, um, let’s see for the difference this one has like an average holder to it and eight reviews four stars this one has like 59 reviews and paasche airbrush.Four stars I’m not sure if it has an actual average shoulder, obviously this would be the biggest different selling point I don’t know, um, but I think I have reprinted so if there’s no average holder I can print pretty smart, um I think I might be going with this one, the reviews seem OK, oh wait, they’re always bad reviews, um, let’s just go with it and see how it will be working I have no idea they are not sponsoring this video I just want to check this out and see if I’m able to get any good results from that I will add some thinner, some colors and some average cleaner of course but zero eighty one ninety nine heroes, it’s like 75 ish Dollar, um.Let’s go with it and just let’s just try it out it should be there by monday, so let’s see when the package arrives and lets unbox it then.So here it is here’s the average kit, um we’ll take a quick look, what’s inside before taking a look inside here, you can see I ordered some average dinner I ordered some errors cleaner, some tamiya masking tape and also some volleyball game colors which I use for my first painting, so let’s get this thing unbox and see what’s inside this is the air compressor. It’s the right plug important, the other one had a UK block for it has an on off switch, which is good and I guess you can adjust your pressure maybe let’s unbox Z A brush let’s get this little knife, so this is the air brush, it’s quite heavy.Xu OK.Interesting, very interesting I have no idea how to set it up I will read through carefully the instructions connect everything, and afterwards we will have a look if this thing is working.Fast forward in time after unboxing the kids I hadn’t tested and I painted the groot model which I had laying around and I didn’t send a good model, so I didn’t record any progress video or footage of the painting I just want to show you the result of my first ever APP brush I didn’t record anything because I think it will turn out like garbage, but I think it’s quite good, and afterwards I attacked the panel’s model which I recorded and already posted a timer switch because I was very curious about the progress you can see the video right here in this link, and now we cannot jump to the kids itself and I want to tell you my first impressions and what I like what I don’t like about this kid at first I want to show you.To how loud the compressor actually is I know that the sound would not be the same recorded by microphone, but my first impression was that it was actually quite silent, I thought it’s much louder so I’m just gonna give you a quick test.Yeah.So you can see that it has these dampening foot and at the moment it’s at this cardboard, but even at the table.It’s not very very loud, there’s an on off switch, here, you can set your pressure at first I thought it doesn’t work, but you have to twist it a little bit more than you actually think and the setting of pressure works quite well I’m working at two bar at the Mo at the moment.Which is sufficient for all the pains and it can maintain the pressure, if you set it higher like four bars, it will drop to two bars, but the initial spray will be at higher pressure, what do I not like about this compressor when working very long, the compressor itself gets really really hot I had like two or three hours a procession and it was very hot to touch, there’s this cooling cooling fins on the top but I was really worried that it will overheat but it didn’t second you have nothing to place your brush, so there’s no holder I have seen other seats, the other kids.Where there was a narrow shoulder, this would be the first thing I will be searching in the Internet and to print out with my 3D printer I will use I will not use pele I will use some peggy because of the temperature, it produces this is something you have to keep in mind what do I like about this kid well the biggest Pro in my eyes is that it’s pretty silent I cannot compare to other compressors because I only have this one, so this is more my personal opinion about this there’s nothing technical which, I would say is better than other ones it’s a compressor, it’s silent, it’s okay now to the average itself, this is a gravity Fed air brush there are cyclone Fed air brushes where the storage container or the container is underneath the air brush I just went for it because I thought it doesn’t matter, so here you can feel a new color, you have to.Thin your color I use this vallejo air brush thinner which worked quite well, you can disassemble the average pretty easily, you can clean it pretty easily in my opinion, there’s nothing really bad about the average and also nothing super outstanding it’s simple brush, it’s working, I’m quite satisfied and I think the results speak for themselves, there are some spare models with 0.3 millimeters 0. 2 and 0.5, also the according needles are in the set there’s little super little range to loosen the nozzles and also these little I don’t know how I think they are called pets, maybe to rinse color or cleaner into the eye brush so pretty basic, but I didn’t really test the spare nozzles and needles so far the stock north.Your needle is working quite well for all my colors right now.To the average kid I purchased these vallejo game colours and I don’t want to dive too deep into the colors, I’m I’m not an expert, I’m not an average Pro, this was my first attempt, but basically these colors worked really well they cover the other colors pretty good, even from dark to light the only thing I had is this gold color, it’s called polish gold, it has some super fine particles which were covered all over the fairness model when I was spraying the gold part, so I had to mask everything off because the color was basically everywhere, um, but I think this is not to blame for the average or the color, it’s just you have to put some particles into get this metallic shiny effect, this is my opinion, so here we are dead with.The metal colors, you will have to mask off or you have to be better than me at AV rushing could be also an option, now I just want to show you spraying with the average and how the pattern looks and with different pressures with this dark green game color, we will fill it in fill it with some brush thinner and just see how it is grace, so I filled in some color, some thinner and now just doing some line.I will now increase the pressure by double so we’re going to four bars.And now I’m going back to jus can’t compare.So the amount of colour which is coming out is a little bit smaller with lower pressure, this is what I think is happening I cannot really quantify it but it’s just my feeling and I will be working at a lower pressure because I’m not as good as with the average holding it still so too much color coming out of the ambush is a problem for me because I will often spray it everywhere I used the remaining colour of the spray test to spray some overgrowth on the groot and you can see, it’s not very perfect, I will have to fade it in with some brown but this is just my test piece and I think it’s working quite well I just have to pull the trigger go close and apply some light green color which works pretty easily. HMM.HMM.Now I want to show you something I apply too much color too much green right here in this area, and now I want to switch back to brown to fade it out a little bit to make it look much better and something I noticed is when switching colors I usually want to rinse it with some water, and then spray out the mixed water into a bucket, but I usually fill the bucket with some water also, and the mist of the spray will cover everything, so what I will purchase next is definitely a cleaning station where you can just put in your brush and pull the trigger and all the over spray will be contained in this container I will link a container which you can find on Amazon in the description below, um, this is something I will definitely purchase as.Because it’s really an handy to spray into this container as I’m doing it right now it’s really a mess.When changing the color I always tends to spray the first color on.A test piece like here you see that it’s actually clean and everything is working properly, so now we’re going to spray a little bit brown on those pieces to cover the green spots.Yeah Zhao h as you can see the gradient of the color is quite good, there are no sharp corners from green to brown which you won’t see really in nature I think personally there will be some kind of fading always so this is always what I do, or this is what I have done before, if I over sprayed it and I made too much color I will just fade it in and it will from my opinion will be just looking as good as if you are a professional and you do it right, the first time which I don’t do because I’m a nuke at brushing to sum up the whole video I want to give you an impression of.The cheapest kit, you can find on Amazon just because I personally want to try air brushing I do not regret buying this cheap kit I think you can achieve some amazing results with it, you have to train yourself and as said I’m no average professional, so I can’t be compared to a super expensive kit, but from what I’ve seen in me personally or what I’ve seen personally and what I’ve seen on the Internet or so on other channels, these kids are quite OK for their price value and you can achieve asset some very good results, there are some things worth mentioning first thing is this kid is missing a narrow shoulder on the compressor is getting quite hot, so be aware that you cannot touch it over after a three hour session, I’m at the moment it’s safe to use.I would say but keep that in mind and do not enclose it, otherwise I probably think it will overheat and the third thing is I would definitely buy this little container thing where you can put in the average and clean it very cleanly, and don’t have the air brush mist everywhere from the brush cleaner other than that, I’m pretty satisfied with the results and I hope you guys found this video interesting, as always I will link all the stuff in the description below these are a feed links if you want to check this thing out, you can click on the link and support the channel, this video is not sponsored by the.