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I’m gonna be a better me I’m gonna do some nail art hey then it’s not new year new me it’s new year old simply so I was on the Google looking for what to do with my life this year when I came across this article at home gel manicure kit, the eight biggest nail trends coming in 2021 I should probably pay attention it’s an article by a lure a magazine I used to read when I was seventeen but they have a blog now so that’s cool Pro nail artists break down their predictions for the trends and designs that are bound to be big next season, their top take away the impact of shelter in place orders and working from home Amid the pandemic will linger well into the new year sounds optimistic the year 2020 was particularly trying and interesting for the beauty world as a whole manicure for men.Interesting, that’s all they got but it was especially so for our nails, yes our nails, I’ve definitely suffered the most thanks to the covid nineteen pandemic, we saw closure and timid re-openings of nail salon and increase enigma, honestly like yes seeing as we’re all in the dark about what 2021 will hold for our normal lives the same can certainly be said for nail trends, I feel bad for the author of this she’s like probably feels really guilty writing about this because it is just not the most important thing, here are the biggest 2021 nail trends to watch out for according to the experts who know no one asked me first up we’ve got multicolored manicures, this looks like me when I test hello Taco prototypes every nail is a different shape and with this the only skill required is knowing how to paint your nails, we got it, we got this one fan now is there any methodology to which colors or can you just go wild keep.All of your polish in the same color family to create a light to dark sombre effect, alright let’s do the nails and buy let’s do the nails, I mean let me show you the nails I spent the last two weeks over Christmas break, doing so we started off with a base coat, I’ve been using p. Li and smoothing base together because I can make it your own but keep it in the same color family and I think I’m going to stay in the hollow family, and here we go, we are doing nail art in 2021 guys even though it’s just putting on different colors of nail polish on each of your fingernails, hey, maybe that’s nail art of the future yeah it’s like not setting much expectations for ourselves and in turn not doing much at all is that sad or is that smart alright, now we’re going to seal in our hard work with a nice thick coat, a glass of Taco roll the Taco in my ears because we want to make this year nice and shiny and we also wanted to dry quickly. Last longer actually I’m not sure if we want it to last longer get back to me on that one later voila la fa la la alright, here’s the Pro nail artist from the articles, and here’s my picture I don’t have cute rings because I don’t know I never properly learned to accessorize I guess so do we like this trend, I mean I think most people could agree that painting a fingernail a different colour is easy and the best part of all is that you can use five to ten different nail polishes in this manicure, if you put one on every single finger now it’s the little things like that that will make our lives just a little bit more exciting this year next we’ve got personal statements woo love letters of the nails, people are looking for new ways to express themselves and that’s why runway and editorial nail artist Gina Edwards foresees a spike in calligraphy and other hand lettering on manicure suit, I mean this assumes people can write in calligraphy or even.Even know what it is do you know what calligraphy is, so I could just go the sticker route or the d colle route, but I think I’m going to challenge myself this year and try and paint it and hey shout out to all the nail artists featured in this article they’re all really good.Not like me but I’m out of practice, but we try here okay so my nails are stained as hell, not because I’m dirty, but because I am constantly changing my nail polish so often when you’re working with really pigmented polishes, they will inevitably stain the nail plate, even if you use a protective base coat, although I’m normally not wearing a protective base coat, I’m normally just wearing Poly base so polishes have a tendency to kind of like stick into the nail and just turn them yellow doesn’t mean I’m dying doesn’t mean I’m dirty just reminding people who haven’t seen my my historical video of why yellow nails don’t matter, that’s a piece of history right there, if you haven’t seen it before any ways to help even out sustaining what you can do if your nails are like mine is to use two coats of smoothing base which is kind of like a foundation for your nails, it’s not full coverage, you can still see through it so you’ll see the natural tip of the nail but it’s more like A B B cream or is a CC cream I don’t know I like the nail artist pink. Kelly five she’s got going on here, so I’m just going to use a random jelly nail polish I have just one coat, it has a little bit too much coverage and I was hoping for hoping for it to be like a little shearer, but it kind of works next to make this manicure my own I’m gonna add I’m gonna guess that y’all were waiting for that I’m using scattered hollow Taco here and whew she’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world actually have this calligraphy brush from a set I bought years ago it’s a little bit frayed at this point, but it is great for painting flow e letters and objects using some black acrylic paint here, which acrylic paint is easier to work with than nail polish for most people just because it’s easier to manipulate and it’s a bit thinner I definitely recommend it for a more detailed nail a work like this, now I don’t know calligraphy letters off the top of my head so I’m drawing inspiration drawing inspiration.Okay from quote unquote medieval or old English style letters I don’t know, I mean it just looks like fancy and expensive calligraphy to me so we’ve got an s and an I and an m and p we got sims for simply and now we’re gonna add a nice thick coat of glossy Taco and wow this actually looks good, what the hang I managed to put the l and the y and simply on my thumb, but then I realized I had to get into this god awful hand pose like never do this is the ugliest hand bows to ever exist, get me out of here alright so how’d I do apart from the Canadian winter scenery, I’m not in new York, I’d say I nailed this trend I don’t mind the calligraphy trend on nails or funky letters like this I think it’s fun to use your nails as a as a public book or a billboard of sorts, but I probably wouldn’t make a habit of writing my own name.On my body places there’s something about that, that’s a little weird, it reminds me of those bead necklaces, we had in 1998 where you’d spell out your name and put it around your neck, if I did that today I’d be like hi, my name is Christine, I’m thirty years old I live in the capital of Canada I love cats and hollow is life.Ironically, that’s how I actually talk sometimes except we’ve got embellished and pre painted press on nails, oh it’s not winter over there this easy D I Y manicure technique made a major comeback in 2019 and only flourished more when we got caught at home in 2020 while salons were shutdown nail artists began commissioning custom press on sets to send directly to their clients that’s not a bad idea, so basically they predict that more people will be sticking on fake nails because they can’t get acrylics at the salon, I mean like I kind of understand that but at the same time you could just paint your natural nails, come on man, it’s the year of trying to grow out your nails I know you can do it just stop biting them, I’m talking to you stop biting your nails use some nail oil be gentle, always wear nail polish and don’t use your nails as tools, it’s gonna be your ear, but alright let’s put some fake nails on just for fun so I found these fake nails in my cupboard from companies that have.Sent me PR that I never use but oh look swarovski crystals, now I think we all know that press on nails generally don’t stay on very well, and if they do stay on with the glue, they provide which is essentially super glue then I’ve always found that kind of damage your nails, so for that reason we’re not going to be gluing them on we’re gonna be sticking them on with tape, the old tape trick now yes I’m pretty sure I have some self adhesive strips somewhere lying around that I could use to stick these on but I couldn’t find them so we’re just using tape and rolling it around to make it double sided and how’s the fit, not bad, but also not that natural looking haha, my nails are quite thin and narrow compared to the average nail and yes out of the whole box, these were the best fit fake nails, don’t look that bad in terms of color and finish, but they’re not really my aesthetic they’re more of an Instagram girl with a small white dog with a AR style swipe up.Links aesthetic, you know the one personally I’m not into wearing fake nails because I have my own nails which I enjoy painting, but I think this is a good idea for people maybe who like the nail art that their nail artist at their salon could do and now they can’t access those services, so this is a not bad idea, all right next we’ve got throwback designs nostalgia has also been a key factor of 2020 for obvious reasons why, because we want to escape and so this is why there’s been a wave of retro revival through manicures that give a nod to the sixties and seventies, aesthetics like I mean, do we really want to go back to the sixties and seventies where human rights were arguably much worse, I’m not sure about that one, this is expressed through rustic shades paired with pastel bright sand graphic swirling patterns that are therapeutic to execute oui love a free therapy session okay, so we’re basically looking for a retro pattern here.It would be easy to translate into a nail art technique, something like this, yes no exactly this one I could make this with a striping brush and a dotting tool and sell it to Don draper I pulled my se crimes out for this one to get some rustic shades, we’re starting out with this burnt orange color as base, wow look at that color, it’s like the opposite thing is what I would where I’m taking my striping Rosen’s dipping them in white acrylic paint, so I’m doing the white acrylic paint first because number one it acrylic paints easier to manipulate as I mentioned before and number two it will serve as the base to brighten the nude that we will put on after because if you put the nude polish directly on the burnt orange polish you’re not going to see it as well so adding that white bass just helps brighten it first, now we’re using a dotting tool for the circle parts and I’ve grabbed this new dopey eyeshade.And I’m just going to cover all the white areas with it there see perfect nude color, blue or a darker shade don’t say you didn’t learn anything from this channel now let’s go in with a dark brown cheese and add some thinner lines and smaller circle deaths and finally to make this manny feel a bit more like me because right now it is I don’t know who the who she is I’m gonna add some hollow dots with a mystery pastel yellow hollow. Hmm, maybe this feels like a springtime hollow, maybe maybe now we had a nice thick coat, a glass of Taco and I get questions sometimes about how not to smudge your nail art when you’re putting on the Taco and then you’ve had layers of other colors underneath and I think this is a great question especially because this is exactly the kind of money that the average person might smudge because it has the darker polish right underneath there, and it is at risk of being dragged by the Taco I like to avoid smudging mostly by floating the glossy Taco over the nail art very very lightly, just like float don’t stick and pull it just floated with a nice thick coat may be thicker than you normally do, but don’t worry if you’re working with a good glossy Taco then it’ll settle nice over top of the nail art and dry appropriately, I’m sorry I don’t have any funky rings again, but I do have a sweater on so I think sixties and seventies.Retro designs can be cool but it’s probably a harder technique for the average person to execute at home, so I don’t think it’s gonna be a wild trend or anything for that reason I also hate this color scheme like I’m sorry, it’s like dirty and sad, maybe if it was more of a muted teal or purple or something I would like it more, but the burnt warm colors are like every beauty yours eyeshadow, they’re just not for me next step, we’ve got going on mute with Ben says to me when I’m being annoying celebrities have been leaning towards bright colors, media celebrities, what events have they been going to stop them, they are also common colors that have a feel good mood do they does this color make you feel good I don’t know makes me feel like makes me feel like pistachios I happened to find this pistachio green from my sep, a collection here finally putting these to good use, and this is pretty easy.I applied three coats for full opacity and then added a nice thick glassy Taco and here we go, but what the hell is the male artist using as her background is a chic leopard cushion or maybe a foe for rug, well I don’t have either, but I do have a cat maggie k. now I know this is supposed to be going on mute we’re supposed to take it from here and bring it down here, but it also said these nails are supposed to evoke a feel good mood, just add a hollow Taco, make your year better now that’s like nail art without the effort, sometimes I just wish we could add a hollow Taco to everything and make it better, um, and now we need to pose again this time with zeiler is a background, thank you Tyler for your services, now the next two I find very similar we’ve got negative space which is where you have the natural nail exposed in the design itself, particularly at the base of the nail so you don’t.Notice much nail growth as the nails growth and then we’ve got minimal graphics which as they describe it is beginner friendly nail art with subtle curves angled lines and random dots, it just so happens that this particular graphic design is also a negative space design, so I’m just going to combine the two concepts into one for the foreseeable future in 2021 managers probably aren’t going to be as accessible as they were before the pandemic, what do these people not of nail polish at home, now I normally don’t do negative space nail designs because yes my nails are stained and when they’re stained unevenly, it can distract I think from the nail art but I’m gonna try here and use some smoothing base to help even out the stains and try to make this look work for me, then I went into freehand coat the tip in a secret pink crib that won’t be a secret later in 2021 and now I’m adding a glossy Taco because.We’re not finished but we’re gonna add nail vinyls next that way you’ve sealed and dried the polish underneath, so you can safely put the sticker on top and when you peel it off, it’s not going to peel off the polish underneath I’ve just grabbed some basic French tip vinyls here but I’m gonna put them on differently and not basic because it’s 2021 and I need to express myself artistically and creatively while opting for self care at the same time I painted the tip and the side edge of the nail with blue free Z A royal blue linear hollow and now we peel off the vinyl and a little bit of cleanup on aisle three please and then I was still bored, so I added some Silver hollow dots using a secret Silver linear hollow polish I really need to stop doing that showing you guys everything that’s coming out this year, anyways ere we go that looks fun, glossy Taco. You know the drill, not bad a little unintentionally eighties almost and I can definitely see why this kind of design is a good idea for longer wear since you’re not gonna notice growth at the base of the cuticle that is, of course if your nails don’t chip at the tips before them, no rings, but I think I’ve nailed this fake sunshine shadow shot down here on this wall with my iPhone flash and what’s that she’s holding her nails over blush 600, dollars pajamas, okay here’s mine, alright last up, but we’ve got mask matching wow, yeah, yeah we’re really doing that aren’t we let’s face it wearing a face covering in public is probably going to be a withstanding part of our lives throughout and probably after 2021, yes it is socially distance, be responsible where your face mask, wash your hands don’t be an and go on trips and party with your friends due to the pandemic I think we are showing more details.In our appearance due to wearing face coverings and working remotely from home wearing more details, if anything I’m wearing less details and I’m seen at less detail through my pix elated web camp now part of our style is more incorporated into our nails and I make my eyes that said match match manicures and masks aren’t going anywhere, now I don’t have this fun polka dot mask, but I do have this mask, so I’m just starting off here with a nice pale blue cream polish two coats, nope, maybe three coats and I’m using some white acrylic paint and a thin striping brush to draw the silhouette of the mask, now mixing up a custom P E blue shade with acrylic paints to add in some finer details add a nice thick coat of glossy Taco to sealing the fate of humanity and wow nail art inspired by public health guidelines now how do I look.To be nominated for best dressed in 2021, it’s that stay at home and leave me alone look the article concludes with although no one can really predict what 2021 will be like with these expert approved manicure ideas we can at least rest well with the knowledge that if anything at least our nails will be really really good, amen to that when all else fails paint your nails the world is crumbling and everyone is dying, but paint your nails, sometimes it’s hard to know when to take things seriously, but then also balance it with them having a little bit of a sense of humor so you don’t lose your mind alright so my thoughts on these trends overall I don’t really do my nails on a day-to-day basis thinking of am I following the trend is this a pantone color of the year I just do whatever I feel like doing case in point, unless there’s some ridiculous viral nail art trend, a hack that I need to try then yes I guess then I might follow the trend.But other than that you know I encourage you to just do whatever you feel like on your nails, what colour do you like what finish do you like do you like things changing colors in front of your eyes do you like sparkles do you like rainbows, there’s just so many possibilities, life is just too short to have boring meals, anyways, happy new year I wish everyone good health in 2021 and great nails, and if you’re someone who thinks you’re no good at doing your nails so you don’t even bother I think you’ve got some time this year to try and practice girl or boy actually don’t mind the matching your manicure to your mask idea I think it’s kind of a fun way to tie in something new that we have to do but also make it yourself, personally I would rather match my nails to maybe a more exciting mask like this one I don’t have it yet it’s in the mail OK the postal service has been very busy, alright everybody.