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Also you don’t have to subject yourself to going to the nail supply store that will up charge you and I will have some videos about my experience shopping at the nail supply stores in Oklahoma because I’m very sure that it’s different I’m originally from Chicago so it’s more diverse there and coming to Oklahoma is just manicure tool sets.A complete culture shock but that’s for a later time right french manicure ideas, so if y’all hear any background noise, obviously it’s gonna be my baby, but anyway I got these containers from Michaels, they were having 70% off sale, so I just went up there just to get storage because I know that I’m about to embark on a supply journey stop, that was my baby, but basically these are fifteen compartments and these I’ll just use for like rhinestones or little nail charms.And the reason why I chose this is because I had ordered some stuff off at Amazon.And those little items came in these exact containers which is this container right here, and this is actually a three pack so.Next I have these rhinestones they’re different shapes and I think that they’re ab crystals I don’t know exactly but I got these on Amazon for super cheap, a bunch of different shapes, they did not come in this container, this is just a container I had but they came in little baggy’s and then I had to sort them, this is another container that I took from something else I bought but pretty much these are this container is gonna hold my big nail stuff like my 3D stuff like these roses right here like these are actually pretty big and these I bought a long time ago but.They’re really big.Like you have to use like the hard gel to add here them to the to the nail but they’re really pretty, so yeah that’s what that container is for I don’t have a lot of 3D stuff just because I can never find what I like for right now I just have these like roses, the little Marijuana and those three stones so these are like little metal shapes I have across oval circles stars but they’re very thin like very thin metal I don’t know if you guys can see that.Very thin metal very lightweight, and these I would use for encapsulating ones.I’ve got some dried flowers, and these came together, I’m kind of disappointed in this purchase, because only three like actual looking flowers come in this in this case, so like three for each color I guess but there’s not a variety there just the same flower just a different color, and then the same for this set.Came in different colors, there is a few a little bit more.In the containers I guess because the style of the dried flower but they’re pretty much all the same, just different colors, and these came in these compartments, so I did not have to organize those.Next, are these rhinestones, so I bought these rhinestones off of Amazon I think there are about nine dollars they come in six different sizes, these are the smallest ones and then this container actually bought from Michael’s because when you order these rhinestones are gonna come in little baggie’s which is really annoying trying to put them away but you gotta do it, you gotta stay organized so more for the nail art I actually got this as a set it was like a bundle pack and it was like the best value the best value so you get these tweezers you get these little tweezers.I guess to pick up the stones I don’t know how effective this will be because they’re not very they’re very inexpensive pair of tweezers or whatever they’re called rhinestone picker whatever then it came with a bunch of different color striping tapes I only have a gold one right now and I bought that when I first started trying to get into nails, it was really expensive I bought it from Sally’s because I didn’t know any better, and right now it’s very dusty, but like I said it’s like an array of colors and patterns, it came with all of these different milestones, this one has a bunch I don’t want to open this because it has so many stones in each compartment but there’s a bunch of different shapes, there’s circles ovals little diamonds hearts stars rectangles a whole bunch.Took them a whole bunch, then it came with these flat back rhinestones, they come again in assorted colors, and I do have some rhinestones that came in these little like the little wheels but they just don’t look as good as quality as these those the other ones I used to practice on myself when I’m trying to learn my stone placement and see how long they’ll last with my technique of using hard gel and then here’s another set of rhinestones, but these are like not pear shape I don’t know what shape this is.It’s not a circle, it’s not a.It’s not a pair, it points at both ends, but.They look very high quality, they are very shiny, they came in this container and they’re in different colors, then we have the Silver stuff, Silver rhinestones, again, these are flat back all circles but they’re different sizes and like I said all of this came in a bundle great great great value.Literally okay what color acrylic I see a lot of pulse online, like all acrylic no polish I’ll click no polish I’m like let me let me see this, let me see what this is talking about, so I went with z more or less expensive brand me a secret, and let me just say that these are very pigmented, you do need to cap with clear click and these are not to build the nail, these are just for color and I learned that the hard way, let me get the swatches for you guys, okay, these are the swatches right here and as you can see, they’re very pigmented I did just get I think it’s the tutti fruity collection I think it’s called and then I got a nude a nude set as well, and like I said and yeah Amazon has the best value on these but they’re just these.Very small containers they’re not going to come in big containers, so just keep that in mind when you order they are pretty small, pretty small containers and I just keep them in here because there’s not that many I keep this on my shelf, my little decor shelf because I have nowhere else to put them right now.Okay, next I have a drill I bought this melody susie drill for twenty dollars and the reason why I bought it was because I found out that the drill that the nail supply store in my city sold me is actually like a hardware tool.Yeah.It’s this one right here, this is a hardware tool, and I had no idea so I’m really glad that I don’t have people coming to get their nails done because.You’re not supposed to be using things like this on your fingers, now the first speed is a pretty low speed I have not hurt myself in any way shape or form, but this is why we need to go to school and study because we need to know these things, this is not a nail drill, this is an engraver and the lady that sold this to me did not tell me that she had this when I arrived at the store because I called before I went to ask her if I needed my license to purchase a drill and she said no apparently she has these for people that don’t have a license. This I think was like forty dollars and then she does have actual actual nail drills behind her counter, so I’m guessing she’s just you know trying to make a quick buck by selling these to people that don’t have their license in hand very sleek lightweight, it is portable and the only thing I don’t like about it is that the power cord is pretty short late in anyway it comes with this wall, plug and you just turn it on, it has the forward and reverse and then you can increase or decrease the speed using this sorry her toys going off, but the cord is short, so I had to buy a power strip which I also ordered on Amazon obviously to plug all my stuff up but to also have an out like an outlet closer to my station anyway, so yeah it’s portable lightweight, it’s pink it was only twenty dollars.It came with a bag full of sanding bands which is great cause I was about to have to restock on those and then it came with the basic case of nail bits, next I have the fun stuff I purchased a bunch of foils on Amazon, they did come in these let’s see.Yeah. They actually came in these containers, but I took them out because it’s just more functional, this way, but pretty much there’s.Google a pretty much it’s just a sorted things like there’s different prints colors, flowers, and I only bought two cases because I don’t know how much I actually like this type of nail art I don’t know if it’s something that I’m going to offer.You know frequently just for the simple fact that it is just a little bit complicated and it takes a little bit of work to get used to using but then I have the angel paper, my gold and Silver foil that I love my god, I love doing nails with the gold and Silver foil, it is so cute, then I have my Chrome powders here which only have four right now because I don’t really know that much about Chrome and the colors and things like that, apparently what I do have is just like a Silver base, so I do need to stock up on that sorry but anyway there was some glitters in there and then this container is a blur which a glitter the small skinny ones came in a pack that I bought a long time ago on Amazon but it came in a bunch of different colors, and then I had to order these bigger containers separately.Much these just have bigger gold flakes just different sized flakes and colors, so that’s that I did try to color organize them, but it just didn’t work out that way, and then the containers of course are from Michaels I got those on sale as well, oh and then this is the glue that comes with the foil the instructions are not translated correctly, so doing foil is really just trial and error, so I would suggest picking the one foil that you like the least to practice with because it takes a lot, this blue is not the best glue is very watery very liquidity, so it takes some getting used to, but it came with one of the sets of the foils that I purchased okay next is polishes I buy my polishes off of dc email supply, it never takes more than three. Four days to receive my order which I love and not to mention the d and d polishes are only five seventy five per bundle, when here at the nail supply store that I go to they charge me ten dollars for one jail polish ridiculous so.Pretty much I just have a bunch of different colors I decided that I’m just going to spend a certain amount of month on nail supplies and it will mostly be on polish because acrylic one is too expensive.To a lot of people that do inquire about my services aren’t really privy to the all acrylic thing and I am obviously going to charge extra to do colored acrylic for both the full set and the film because I have to file down all that product at the field and then to apply a full set I have to do a clear acrylic, the color make sure that it’s even all the way around and then cap it with the clear, so yes that’s going to be an extra charge, so I’m just gonna stock up my college for right now until you know I get my license and things like that and I can charge more, but pretty much it’s just a bunch of different colors, you guys I have not watched these yet just for the simple fact that I just opened them because I was really excited but this one is my favorite, this is Georgia peach and it is a Chrome pink. Beauty, I love it so much, and that’s what I’m gonna put on my nails next don’t mind my nails right now because y’all know I’m learning I’m trying to teach myself I was working with my non dominant hand, and let me just tell you the disaster that occurred it took me a long time to do this and this is where I tried that transfer foil like it’s supposed to be some flowers, but it didn’t really turn out that way.